Special Requirements

If you haven’t availed of this service before but want to, do not hesitate to discuss this with us. We have good support staff who can have a conversation with you about all our options, requirements and other help. We guarantee privacy and discretion which are very important to create a stress-free environment for you. Many customers require things that suit their purposes or needs, like gentle fem-dom, certain specific role-plays coupled with any other services of ours- we provide all that at a nominal rate.


We ensure any type of room at your disposal with any custom interior. We maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of all our materials and furniture at top standards with regular and on-demand room service. Our chefs prepare multi-cuisine dishes for your tastes, feel free to request anything you crave that will make your experience sweeter. We have an assortment of fine beverages at your disposal, feel free to order anything to suit your rich tastes.

Our location is secluded and exotic so any type of experience, be it outdoors and indoors can be arranged as per your demands. We have a wide variety of toys and outfits for your use and requesting all those for any of our chosen staff can also be arranged. These are of top-quality and have routine maintenance to drive away your worries. We have an assortment of people to cater to any type of sexual needs, so feel free to discuss this with us anytime. Many of our services can be pre-booked and discreetly arranged beforehand to make sure you have no hassles during the getaway or vacation, as privacy and being systematic is our top motto.


We assure quality with affordability, so if you have any queries or hesitation because of the prices, don’t let that stop you. We have discounts and combination offers based on your requirements and needs, so do not hold back in treating yourself! Anything in your wildest fantasies has a place at our Midnight Delight at Parramatta; as we serve to please, literally!


At our discreet location, our top-notch services with food, beverages, and fine sexual options; you can make your dreams come true. We intend to make your experiences, whether first or one of the many, a delightful experience every single time. Do not hesitate to contact us to book a vacation of fun and pleasure!

Special Sex Requirements

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