A shower will help you to wash off the sweat and make you smell good. A great number of people mention that smelling good for the opposite(or same)sex is also an important motivator to take a shower. But what happen if you take this shower sex experience with our stunning ladies that too in our private shower rooms. Keep reading to know more...


Most people think shower rooms are unnecessary and the services are expensive. But Midnight Delight provides budget friendly packages which include relaxing shower rooms along with sexual pleasure. Every service we provide is suited to one’s own needs that does not compromise with the quality. 


Relaxing lighting


Warm lighting, particularly in the evening, promotes relaxation and helps to calm the mind. Our shower rooms are fitted with small accent lights that emit a soft, mellow glow. Midnight Delight also provides stylish mid-century inspired orbs, small paper lantern lights or a compact pinky-peach Himalayan salt wall plug, which helps in cleansing the air. Our Parramatta brothels are experienced in providing happy shower baths and sexual pleasure at the same time.


Beautiful Scented Candles


A beautiful candle is a true luxury. It not only provides a scent that makes you feel good, but also glows beautifully and gives an eye-soothing look to the room. Midnight Delight gives full priority in providing a stress free  environment to our customers. Therefore Midnight Delight  have different aromatic candles which one can choose according to their preferences.


Luxurious Cleansers


Just as how important how you feel in the shower is how you feel walking out of it. Midnight delight provides best quality cleansers for those who enjoy fragrance. A fresh, long lasting scent is the key to the equation. A gentle body cleanser is infused with magical sweet smelling ingredients, all of which are organic. We have a wide range of products to choose from.


Contrast Bath Therapy


Contrast bath can be used to reduce swelling around injuries or to aid recovery from exercise. The theory behind contrast bath therapy is that the hot water causes vasodilation of the blood flow in the limb or body followed by the hot water which causes vasoconstriction, increasing local blood circulation. Midnight Delight provide this hot and cold therapy as we believe it is an exceptional method to release stress from the body.




When you express your body to a warm shower, your cells will produce Heat Stress Proteins which protect you from stress. A good shower ensures your body to rejuvenate and helps you in relaxing your body as well as mind. Therefore it enables your body to create stress fighting chemicals. The sensation of all negativities leaving the body can be felt literally.


It is necessary for everyone out there to give your body the love and care it needs. With such busy schedules these days, one must definitely make time to take such services to feel the ecstasy of relaxation at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy sensual showers in the warmth of a sexy Parramatta brothel.